Product Features


Proprietary Funnel Tip Design

  • The AngioVac cannula is available with either a straight or 20° angled tip
  • The twenty-degree tip deflection aids in access to a wider variety of anatomical locations.
  • A balloon actuated funnel tip design enhances venous drainage flow and helps prevents clogging of the cannula with commonly encountered fresh, soft thrombi or emboli
  • Radiopaque markers on the distal end of the cannula allow for visualization under fluoroscopic imaging


Working Side Port, Touhy Insert

  • Y-Adaptor with Touhy insert allows for over-the-wire capability through the working side port and accommodates up to an 18F adjunctive device
  • Hydrophilic coating on the obturator allows for easier insertion through the Y-Adaptor and AngioVac cannula


Quick Connect Inflation Lumen

  • Quick connectors allow for greater efficiency and ease of use in the surgical field. The rotating adapter allows for rotation of the AngioVac cannula without twisting or kinking the circuit tubing
  • The inflation lumen is more robust, decreasing the potential for bending or kinking; the inclusion of a stopcock allows for the balloon inflation to be maintained and the endoflator to be removed


Angio-Sac Collection System

  • T-piece’ between the filter and pump head allows for drainage of fluid into an Angio-Sac collection system. This provides clearer visualization of the fresh, soft thrombi or emboli captured in the filter
  • Angio-Sac eliminates the need to administer additional fluid to patients in order to flush the filter and visualize material



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