Product Features


Proprietary Funnel Tip Design

  • Available with either a 20-degree or a 180-degree angled tip
  • Cannula shape options facilitate potentially easier navigation and placement
    through the patient’s venous system
  • Radiopaque nitinol tip allows for visualization under fluoroscopic imaging
  • Funnel tip enhances venous drainage flow, and prevents clogging of the cannula
    with commonly encountered undesirable intravascular material such as soft
    thrombi, emboli, or vegetation
  • Self-expanding funnel shape and actuated tip using slide over sheath
  • Proximal locking touhy to maintain desired cannula angle
  • Cannula shaft supported by a flat stainless steel coiled wire within the catheter
    body to support kink resistance, column strength
  • Blood that is aspirated with the AngioVac Cannula is simultaneously reinfused
    back into the patient’s body with the AngioVac Circuit to minimize blood loss

Working Side Port, Touhy Insert

  • Y-Adapter with touhy insert allows for over-the-wire capability through the working side port and accommodates up to an 17F adjunctive device
  • Hydrophilic coating on the obturator allows for easier insertion through the Y-Adapter and AngioVac Cannula


Quick Connect and Waste Collection Bag

  • Quick connectors allow for greater efficiency and ease of use in the surgical field
  • The rotating adapter allows for rotation of the AngioVac Cannula without twisting
    or kinking the circuit tubing
  • Waste collection bag mitigates the need to administer additional fluid to patients in
    order to flush the filter and visualize material